Starting from the ground up, we began cultivating the dream of starting our own farm in 2004.  Both of us grew up around animals and worked on farms through high school and college. We were both very involved in the National FFA Organization in high school, caring for our market animals and participating in leadership events. Our love for agriculture only deepened through our FFA experiences.   We both chose to continue pursuing our love of agriculture by attending Oregon State University, where we met, and found a new love to pursue……each other.

Armed with knowledge gained from high school agriculture classes and Agriculture Science degrees from Oregon State University, we set out to prove you can start a first-generation farm from scratch. Growing hay to sell with any fields and equipment we could rent, while providing custom haying and farming services for our neighbors is how Soggy Feet Enterprises began. By working many late nights and early mornings and carefully saving to buy our own equipment and land, we have grown from a small hay operation into a multifaceted, first generation, full-time family farm, growing a variety of crops as well as raising cattle.

Over the years we have learned a lot, often the hard way.  As we got started, armed with our college educations and ready to conquer the world, a good friend imparted these words of wisdom on us, “You made it through the college of agriculture……welcome to the school of agriculture; you’re about to get schooled!”  He was right. However, looking back over the last 20 years, of the many successes and failures we experienced, each provided an invaluable lesson which helped us gain the knowledge needed to get where we are today. We will always continue to invest in our business and expand our knowledge to keep producing safe, sustainable, quality products for people that care about what they eat and where it comes from.  

Starting in 2019, we transitioned to marketing our beef under a new name- All Natural Meats. While Soggy Feet Enterprises is what we started under and will continue to run the crop and hay aspects of our business under, we realized our beef business has grown and needed a name that more accurately described that aspect of our business. In 2020, we began partnerships with other local farms that also raise cattle with the same high standards and ethics as ours, giving us the ability to maintain a steady supply of beef to families throughout the Pacific Northwest during the height of the pandemic. Those partnerships have flourished and have provided us with continued opportunities to support other family farms in pursuit of their own dreams.   

We believe growing your own food should be a fun, healthy, family-oriented endeavor.  Knowing that not everyone has the resources to grow their own food, we are grateful for the opportunity to share the same safe, sustainable, high quality foods our family and partner farms grow and consumes with you, from our farms to your table. When you buy from a local farmer, you know where your food came from…..from start to finish. It’s that simple… questions go unanswered. If you wonder, we encourage you to come out and see for yourself. Meeting your local farmer and seeing how the food on your table is produced is true quality assurance.

Our children, Katie and Cody, love to ride in the tractor helping to produce the crops we grow and care for the cattle we raise. Seeing a love for agriculture blossoming in our children and their desire to share that love with others, just confirms that pursuing our dream was the right choice. We hope to pass our dream on to them someday.  Having our children carry on what we have started and invested our lives into is success in our eyes!

With our greatest gratitude we thank all our friends, customers, and family for their support in the pursuit of our dream.  Without you we couldn’t have gotten this far!

Kyle & Amanda Hoyt